Nievera Williams Landscape Architecture is proud to be recognized as a leader in product design, and the subject of a best selling monograph.

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Simplicity Outdoor Furniture

Nievera Williams has announced a sleek, new modern furniture line, Simplicity. The outdoor furniture collection consists of a table, chair and chaise, and represents a fundamental contrast between two periods of design, the 1950’s midcentury modern and present day modern design. The sophisticated lines and contrasting color combinations allow the furniture to be sculptural, yet fun at the same time.

“This modern influenced furniture line follows the same principles as modern architecture: machine-like simplicity, smoothness of surface, avoidance of ornament,” said Williams of his design inspiration. “I wanted the furniture to appear visually light in form, designed and built for comfort as well as style.” Built using solid aluminum, with complementary glass and Textilene features, each piece is offered in an expansive color palate that allows buyers to customize the design to fit their desires.

For purchase information and specifications, please email [email protected]

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Forever Green

Published in October of 2012, Forever Green features over 250 stunning photographs by Michael Stavaridis of Mario Nievera’s diverse gardens and landscapes

For Mario, it is imperative that a house be closely connected to its surroundings: with every project, whether bucolic and classical, elegant and refined, or dramatic and fanciful, he endeavors to achieve a seamless integration between interior and exterior spaces.

Using a colorful palette of unique and varied vegetation, from vibrant flower beds to elegant coconut palms and rustic ivy-covered trellises to framing Ficus trees, Mario uses nature as a tool for design. Painting with plant-life in climates as diverse as tropical Floridian coasts and as temperamental as windy New York rooftops, Forever Green presents the landscape architect’s innovative idylls from all of our dreams.

Forever Green is available through the publisher, Pointed Leaf Press, or any independent book seller or online book retailer.

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Siebert & Rice Planters

Seibert & Rice is the leading American importer of handmade terracotta planters and urns from Impruneta, Italy- the finest terra cotta available.

Seibert & Rice expanded their collections and added the American Collection of pots designed by the leading
American designers including Mario Nievera and handmade in Impruneta. “I wanted to design these pieces to complement the Impruneta terracotta finish and quality. I’m fascinated with the faux bois garden ornaments; the size of the faux bois planters allows for planting flexibility, symmetrical and asymmetrically balanced pot arrangements and durability in many climates. The bamboo box is large enough to citrus trees, topiaries, standards as well as multi-flowered planting. The Chippendale pattern is wonderful in formal settings, yet bamboo makes it playful and casual. The bun feet allow for circulation, yet complement the planter.”

Shop the Collection at Seibert & Rice