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The owners of this historic John Volk architect designed residence worked with Nievera Williams to create a landscape design befitting the formal architectural ‘Regency’ styled house, infusing casual yet elegant details synonymous with the style of modern day South Florida living.

We designed the entrance driveway and columns to frame views of a giant banyan tree, which is precisely pruned into an 'umbrella’ shape. The entry court’s strong geometry is softened by the use of tropical broadleaf Philodendron and Alocasia plants, and shaded by giant jasmine covered Royal Palms.

Nievera Williams designed an oval swimming pool surrounded by ample seating encouraging recreation and conversation. Numerous private courtyards were designed and tucked away in other parts of the property for quiet entertaining and intimate dining. We designed a privacy garden, enlivened by a cascading fountain which provides a romantic ambiance to the newly formed space.